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 Masonry Repair and Installation

When it comes to many home remodeling projects, nothing beats the distinct beauty of natural stone.and masonry work in fact  your  choices are endless and can really add to  your distinct style  of  Interior or Exterior remodeling or home enhancements from a  welcoming  walkway  in  Brick or Blue stone  maybe a natural or formal looking stone wall  , wonderful pavers for  your outdoor living space . Adding a fireplace to a  living room  or make it the focal point of an exciting new great room!   there have also been wonderful advancements in competing materials such as concrete,  you may be interested in  stone as a  versatile building materials for residential home improvements.  we pointer out some uses  below  Stone Countertops Did you know that installing stone countertops is one of the easiest ways to raise the value of your home? This is because a stone countertop delivers exceptional beauty and superior durability to alternatives such as plastic laminate. A number of natural stones serve ably as countertop surfaces. By far the most popular is granite, due to its hardness. However, marble, slate, Jerusalem stone and soapstone are also good options worth looking into. Many natural stones come in a variety of colors and grains. This allows homeowners to customize the appearance of their countertops to precisely match their tastes and preferences. For added versatility, the finish, thickness and texture of a stone countertop can be varied to provide additional uniqueness. Stone TileNatural stone tile is an ideal product for flooring, kitchen back splashes or bathroom walls. These thin sheets of stone can be cut into simple, uniform shapes such as squares or rectangles. For a more rustic look, freeform geometric shapes are also available. Regardless of shape, a variety of stone tile options allow you to create virtually any look imaginable – from the subtle elegance of a single shade to a bright pastiche of various colors. Popular types of stone tile include travertine, marble, slate, flagstone, Terrazzo, limestone and quartzite.  Stone PaversStone pavers are essentially stone bricks. They are ideal for exterior applications such as patios, walkways and driveways. Due to the exceptional strength and durability provided by these materials, they serve as an excellent alternative to concrete. Installing a limestone patio or travertine driveway is one of the easiest way to dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your home. Stone pavers may also be used in place of clay brick to build home walls or chimneys. Benefits of Natural StoneNatural stone delivers the best of both worlds – exceptional beauty and versatility combined with long-term durability and functionality.  It is also easy to maintain, requiring little more than an occasional  wash with soap and warm water. Stone is also all-natural, making it  environmentally friendly.  Due to the low porosity of many stones, it  is also extremely hygienic for your kitchen and bathroom applications.   Improvements in Concrete A concrete patio is one of the most affordable and functional  structures that a homeowner can add to his or her backyard.  However, many people are under the impression that concrete  is a drab, uninspiring material that does little to add beauty to the  exterior of a home. However, the truth is that concrete is an  extremely versatile design product that can bring a wealth of  beauty to any exterior setting.   Stamped Concrete Patio  One of the most popular types of decorative concrete patios is  stamped concrete. Through advanced texturing and coloring processes,  concrete can now be fabricated to mimic your favorite design material.  From natural stone and clay brick to wood planks, any homeowner can  now get the strength and cost effectiveness of concrete with the  combined beauty of natural materials.   Concrete pavers can also be stamped to create embellished designs  and shapes that far surpass the utilitarian drabness of concrete slabs.    Along with the fun stuff there may also be the occasional need for a  repair such as pointing to a chimney or cracks to a foundation or  basement floor   . So take sometime in reviewing what may need to  be done and allow TWIN HOME SERVICES to take you down a  walkway  of wonderful ideas!
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