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 Replacement Windows

Many homeowners wait to research replacement windows until there are obvious indications of window failure.  There are telltale signs – condensation and fogging glass, or rotted sills and frames. For some, the maintenance for older wood windows can become too much of a hassle. Many windows are stuck shut, whether from age or multiple coats of paint.But there are other reasons to consider replacement windows in addition to problems that are visibly apparent. Homeowners need to research window options to ensure that your new replacement window purchase will add more comfort and enjoyment to your home. Benefits of new windows include: Lower Energy Costs: Well-insulated windows separate your home from extreme exterior temperatures, reducing adjustments required by your heating and cooling system. This can often translate into lower energy costs.  Light: Natural light makes any task more pleasant. Today’s  replacement windows have smaller frames and larger glass surface  that allow more light into your home.   Aesthetics: Windows are the cornerstone of your home’s visual  interest, both inside and from the curb. Windows can add a striking  feature and focal point to your home.   UV Protection: Windows with UV protection guard against  damage that can occur to inside walls, floors and furnishings  from solar heat and harmful rays.   Air Flow: Windows can increase airflow and ventilation,  improving the comfort and health of your home.   Noise Reduction: High quality, properly fitting windows  reduce outside noise and increase privacy.   Easy Maintenance: Homeowners benefit from advancements  made in window design, technology and manufacturing.  Today’s windows are well-constructed, easy to clean and durable.   Your windows may be showing telltale signs of failure like  fogging or wood rot, but there are additional benefits of  replacing your windows including noise reduction and  UV protection. A well researched window purchase can pay you  back in more ways than you imagine.  So whether it is vinyl siding  or the latest design in energy efficient replacement windows  TWIN Home Services can help with the choices you have before  you to make your home custom fitted to your life style.
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